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War: Blues's rescue list 
1st-Mar-2007 12:35 am
Running list of unconscious people I've returned to the hospital, in case anyone is looking for them. This is according to the name on their journal when I find them. I'll update when I find more people.

-Netto Hikari [http://netto-hikari.livejournal.com/8604.html]
-Fayt [http://bestest-brother.livejournal.com/4315.html?thread=210395#t210395]

There must be something in common. I'm going to find out what.

((I'll update as I catch 'em *scouring all threads, XD*, but for now just assume Blues picks up the unconscious and teleports them to the hospital unless they get there somehow else/you have other plans for them. Muns of the unconscious, you can thread in here or the hospital thread if you like; healer/doctor-muns, same, or your own journals.))
1st-Mar-2007 09:03 am (UTC)
Netto... Fayt...
1st-Mar-2007 09:10 am (UTC)
Don't worry. They're just unconscious and you can see them in the hospital.
1st-Mar-2007 06:40 pm (UTC)
I'll keep an eye on them until their regular healer(s) can see to them; my caseload is finally petering out.
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