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Wandering Shadow

Bind me not

Blues Light
[[Roleplaying journal for avoria_academy. Character is Blues from Rockman Classic and armorless PB is Dark Mousy from D.N. Angel. Mun (blueswhistle) does not own. Profile setup is being worked on! &hearts]]

Past [Canon]: Blues was created as the first thinking robot by Dr. Thomas Light and Dr. Albert Wily. There was a glitch in his power systems, but he ran off before it could be repaired. That same glitch is also what allowed him free will to evolve like a human instead of bound like a normal robot.
Sometime during his wanderings of the world, Blues acquired the scarf and sunglasses he is famous for. He also picked up a near-indestructible shield to make up for his lack of armor.
When he returned to the general area of home, Blues was less than shocked to find Dr. Wily had turned traitor. He helped him out for a time under the disguise of 'Breakman', which also allowed him to test his brother Rock's combat skills. After that Robot Rebellion, the 3rd, Blues rescued his brother from Wily's collapsing fortress and has been helping him in small ways since.
During several Wily incursions, all of which involved Forte also assisting Rockman, Blues actively participated in the fighting. After the last one of these Blues wandered off on his own once more, refusing repair for his life-threatening glitch.

Past [Extrapolated]: After leaving the Light/Wily labs, Blues was very lost and confused and wandered about in a daze. Though it was his decision, he wasn't used to life outside the lab. Not wanting to be recognized for what he was due to public outcry against robots, he made his robot form noticeable and distinctly different from his unarmored appearance.

Due to his nature, he preferred to keep to the night and the shadows, and did so as it had little to no effect on his adjustable optics anyway. He dealt with fairly shady characters when he became more street-savvy, but never stayed long enough in one place to make connections that would necessitate him possibly having to help others.

He was not concerned with his imminent death although he was aware of it. To Blues, the question was never 'where will I go when I die?' but rather 'how am I going to get by by my own will?' He considered himself unique as a thinking robot and was somewhat irritated at finding Rockman. Satisfied in the end that, even if he wasn't willing to concede Rockman's free will as being as extensive as his, he was willing to treat the other robot as family. He helped later out of generosity and a sense of family.

Rescuing Kalinka was purely out of wish to help his brother, although he has since become decent friends with the Cossacks and if he's at a charted, traceable location, he's probably with them.

Like humans dying of disease, Blues has known for some time that his life was expiring--he just wasn't bothered by it. Although he probably doesn't expect to become human in Avoria afterwards.

Personality: Blues's entire personality is based very much on free will and choice. It is what defines his existence. Curiously, he is not willing to openly fight for that, rather operating behind the scenes and in the shadows. He is also fairly concerned about his family and will help them, in many ways that are both direct and indirect. The only way to know he's there is that he announces his presence always with his trademark five-note, four-tone whistle.

He prefers to watch silently rather than intrude, but when the chips are down he'll be there, if he cares at all. He does not automatically distrust humans, but he does need far more proof to trust them than non-humans, and doesn't trust anyone completely. That is subject to change, but only through hard work.

Basic Appearance: In armor, Blues wears a red helmet, a grey bodysuit, and has red boots and gloves. In this form he always carries his shield, wears his shades and scarf, and keeps his blaster on call.

Out of armor, Blues doesn't like to wear anything that associates himself with his robotic form. He resembles very much an older form of his brother Rockman, with hair that is longer and more unruly and eyes the same color. His build is more toward lean to average, and he appears around seventeen or eighteen years old, though he is over forty.

In either form Blues is fairly short. He's only about 5'6", with a little bit more from the boots in armor.

Current: Blues is a robotics/stealth in combat teacher at Avoria, college level.